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Dimity Inspired Designs was created ...

"Out of loss and hardship has come inspiration that we all have the choice to either rise or fall and even if we do fall as long as we choose to keep rising we can conquer the world."

Thank you for taking the time to wander through and learn a little about myself and my personal journey.

My name is Karina and I have been married to my wonderful husband Greg for nearly 20 years now. We have been blessed with 5 children, 4 handsome young men Gilbo, Fletch, Sinclair and Kidman and our beautiful daughter Dimity. Our home is never dull but filled with the busyness of daily farming life and the banters of each individual child’s persona shining through.

“Gnomery” Burren Junction NSW is the property where we have called home for most of our married life, this is where our family business of dryland cropping and livestock are run. During our time here we have celebrated many great times but also faced our share of hardships similar to that of most county people.

But the greatest and most heartbreaking challenge was losing our precious daughter at the age of 3.5 years. Nothing could have possibly ever prepared me for the loss of our beautiful little girl. The desolation and magnitude of such intense grief was immeasurable and had such an overwhelming ripple effect on our family.

It was a time that I felt I would never be able to function again let alone find some semblance of happiness. We all learn how to survive but learning how to live and find peace within ourselves can be entirely another matter. Forgiving oneself took time and courage to face the demons that kept me in the pit for so long. It was a gradual process of learning to live again and realising that out of the depths of your deepest hurt and pain arises the greatest life lessons. I learnt to recognise and realise how extraordinarily fortunate I was to have Dimity choose me as her mother and the gifts of love, faith and compassion that she imbued, shared and brought to our family. Dim taught us about unconditional love and how very important your family are to your life’s journey and that no amount of money can replicate the heavenly gift of a child.

It has nearly taken 10 years to come to this point in my life and I can assure you there have been many, and there will no doubt continue to be, more bends and twists in the road.

Reconnecting with my art has helped me find myself again and to ignite the passions that have laid dormant for so long. I felt a sense of satisfaction of creating something that brought joy and happiness to myself and maybe could do to someone else. It has given me back faith, belief and confidence in ones abilities that I can make my mark on this world.

I find this tranquillity of calm and peace especially in my Arthouse which resides down the back of my garden. It is here I escape to from the daily happenings of the farm where Banjo our Border collie casually joins me and the Guinea Girls wander freely across the lawn.

This charming little old building has its own story to tell as it was thought to be once part of the old Walgett hospital. It was brought home to “Gnomery” on the back of a semi- trailer by two ever capable men in my life, Greg and my beautiful Dad. Dad at the time was stoically fighting terminal pancreatic cancer but while ever he was well enough to pull on the work boots and hat, he helped out with whatever had to be done, especially if there was a Mack truck involved.

I think the pair of them had colluded and initially written the transportation of the Arthouse off as a disaster in the making and thought it would’ve of collapsed along the way. No doubt, all the time secretly hoping it would so that they would not have to deal with it again. Fortunately for me, the Arthouse retained her dignity and held together and now stands proud and tall and continues to be a source of balm to my heart. Sadly, Dad lost his battle with cancer but I always feel a sense of connection to both Dim and Dad in this art space and that they’re there also enjoying it with me.

So these are the foundations of how Dimity Inspired Designs was created. Out of loss and hardship has come inspiration that we all have the choice to either rise or fall and even if we do stumble, as long as we choose to keep rising we can conquer the world.

Our Dimity

Sometimes it takes a culmination of lifetime of experiences to give you the courage to step beyond self-imposed boundaries and chase those distant dreams that have alluded you for so long. Be brave and take your leap of faith as have I.

I would also like to make reference to the fact that our rural location can often isolate us in terms of accessing Medical Services and facilities that are only offered in larger city hospitals. We are for ever grateful to ‘The Angel Flight Organisation’ who played a pivotal role in supporting our family and that of many other remote families as it enables an easier journey to access these facilities. Their support was instrumental in Dim and Dads care and I am humbly grateful to return that support by donating 5% of each sale to Angel Flight Organisation.

Thank you, Karina

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